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As I began my journey into photography, I became intrigued by the complexity and contradiction found in the word ‘moment'.


In reality, it's fleeting ... a blip in one's life. And, yet, that very same moment can be relived over and over again when it's captured by the click of a shutter.


It's particularly fascinating in 'street photography' where so many unknown and unexpected elements converge to create a story that only a photograph can record and preserve forever. 


The compilation presented here is a sample of some moments as I stumbled on them. Nothing is staged or studio lit. They are as I saw them 'in the moment'  -- and then, once again, as I wanted to see them in post-processing.


While I may never know the subjects in most of my street photography, it’s undeniable that we shared a moment-in-time. They made me stop, take notice and feel something.



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